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The following are links to YouTube Videos that will walk you through what Context Capture is and how it works.

ContextCapture Overview 1
CC Over View

Published on May 18, 2016
A short video reviewing ContextCapture workflow.

ContextCapture Overview 2
CC Overview2

ContextCapture , a new solution developed on the basis of the Smart3DCapture technology. This is a software solution for producing 3D models of high resolution from simple photographs, without any human intervention then be operated in CAD software ( Microstation CONNECT) or a GIS.

How to videos

ContextCapture for Beginners: Your First Photoshoot ContextCapture for Beginners Your First Photoshoot

ContextCapture for Beginners: Aerotriangulation ContextCapture for Beginners Aerotriangulation

ContextCapture - Tiling and region of interest


This tutorial describes how to change the region of interest of your reconstruction and how to apply a tiling to deal with large projects.

ContextCapture - Using surface constraints

This tutorial describes how to use surface constraints. Surface constraints can be useful to deal with water areas and other shiny, reflective or texture-less surfaces.

ContextCapture - Using tie-point constraints

This tutorial describes how to setup a scale constraint based on user tie-points to scale your 3D model. The same feature can be used to add axis or plane constraint.

ContextCapture - Using position and orientation metadata

This tutorial describes how to import photo metadata from a text file.